Learn The Exact Steps To Saving $1,000 In Only 21 Days

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Learn The Exact Steps To Saving $1000 In Only 21 Days

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With the cost of living skyrocketing… Are you feeling stressed about money lately? Struggling to save money?
Girl, you’re not alone.

I get it, you’re frustrated because you want to finally know how to manage and save money and don’t know how.

Saying NO to plans with friends and family embarrasses you because you have a high income coming in every month but you can’t afford to increase that debt.

Looking for solutions on the internet, you find so much information that you feel so confused… You don’t even know where to start or what really works!

The worst part is…

Loneliness is creeping in and you resent others because you see how they are getting rid of their debt faster and they are even starting with their investment portfolio.

But you don’t want to live like others who never go out, never have fun, and never travel just to save money. Because that’s exactly what you work for!

You feel helpless.

If only you could start saving a little bit of money in case some unexpected expense comes around… You could still splurge from time to time.

After struggling for a long time and having more than $169,000 in debt, I finally learned how to save money!

Who's behind this challenge?

Shaquana Watson-Harkness is a Financial and Wealth Literacy expert who's worked with businesses of all sizes and individuals throughout her 15-year career. She's been able to help 100 women save over $100,000 in 21 days in her savings challenge.

In her free time, Shaquana enjoys traveling to new destinations, dining out with family & friends and relaxing at home.
It's impossible to gather all the information there is on the internet on saving money. It’s even harder to implement everything.
And, who knows what really works and what doesn’t?

Sometimes, you find something that looks like it can help you… But there aren’t any actionable steps on how to get it done.

That's why I compiled 21 actionable tips that I've personally used to save more than $1,000 and you can implement one tip every day so it's not overwhelming.

Saving money has never been so easy.

The Stack That Rack 21-day Challenge will teach you the EXACT same system that helped me and more than 100 women save more than $1,000 in only 21 days.

LaNise (Atlanta, GA)

"I was able to save $500 in 21 days and eliminate unnecessary spending from my budget. The lessons I learned about saving money from this challenge were so valuable. "
What You’ll Get In The Stack That Rack Challenge


Daily Saving Actions

Every day you will receive a new action you will have to implement each day to get IMMEDIATE results and never feel anxious again when an unexpected bill comes because you’ll finally have your savings!


Savings Workbook

ESSENTIAL for you to hit your goal! You can track exactly how much you are saving and never feel confused about knowing what is working and what isn’t.


Access To Our Private Facebook Community

Where you will have full support from Shaquana to ask her all your questions. No more feeling lonely… It’s time to feel part of a community that knows exactly what your going through 
When the challenge ends, you’ll be clear on:

How much money you can save

Perfect to start thinking about your savings plan and never have to worry about money again.

How to find ways to save money

So you can still go out with friends, travel and splurge from time to time.

How to develop a "wealth building mindset"

You and your family will have have the peace of mind you've always deserved.

Niccole (Detroit, MI)

"The challenge was just what I needed! I was able to develop accountability and discipline in saving money. Going through this challenge has helped me develop my long term savings plan that will allow me to retire early and "win" with money."

I want you to close your eyes and imagine yourself a few months from today.

You didn’t join the challenge. You’re exactly at the same place. More debt and no savings.

An unexpected emergency comes around and you have to swipe your credit card again, increasing your debt even more… Do you know how much it’s going to cost you only on interests?

Or even worse, you won’t have a job and no income, which isn’t very rare after what we’ve gone through…

How much more time can you afford not having a savings plan if the cost of living is skyrocketing?

Every. Single. Day.

Can you put a number on that?

I could charge you $1,000 dollars for this challenge because I’m 100% CERTAIN than if you follow all the tips, you are going to get that money back in only 21 days… And you can continue saving forever!

Don’t worry. I’m not going to do that… The regular price of this challenge is only $99.

But I’m going to give it to you for even less today!

Regular Price: $99

Join The Challenge Today For Only $29!

Inflation is going completely crazy. I want to help as much people as possible to be prepared for what’s coming. that’s why I’m slashing my prices!

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How Shaquana Vaporized Her $169,000 debt within 20 months (And How You Can Too)

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Get invaluable information on how Shquana was able to pay off all her debt, increase her savings and build a six-figure investment portfolio.

Dominique (Philadelphia, PA)

"I was able to save over $1,000 in 21 days and work on my budget. Also, my money mindset was shifted as I realized that I was worthy to build wealth regardless of my current income."

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Stack That Rack Challenge???

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When does the challenge start?
The savings challenge begins when you enroll. Once enrolled, you will receive your confirmation email along with the free savings workbook. After you receive the confirmation email, you will start to receive the savings challenge emails for the next 21 days.
What is the time commitment during the challenge?
The time commitment will vary based on the intended results you are seeking upon completion of the savings challenge. The more time you dedicate to doing the work, the better results you will receive as you progress through the savings challenge.
Do I get support, community, or 1:1 access to you​?
Yes, you will receive access to my private Private Facebook community where you can post questions and gain support from other members going through the accelerator with you.
What is the refund policy?
Due to the nature of the delivery of the savings challenge, there are no refunds.

Ready for the 
Stack That Rack Challenge???

Price: $99

Join Today For Only $29!

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