Go From $0 to $1,000 In 21 Days Or Less!

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Learn How To Save Money with Ease Without Sacrificing Your Lifestyle... This Works Even If You've Tried Budgeting Before And Failed!

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Go From $0 to $1,000 In 21 Days Or Less!

Discover Proven Strategies for Saving Money, Building Wealth, and Living Your Best Life - No Matter How Much You Make!

How To Save Money With Ease, Without Sacrificing Your Lifestyle... This Works Even If You've Tried Budgeting Before and Failed!

Price: $99

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Does your heart sink every time your 
credit card statement hits?  You know, when you see all those expenses adding up?

Tired of turning down family and friends because you can’t afford to join them – even on your
salary? It's frustrating, right?

Embarrassed and ashamed about the true state of your finances?
Girl, you’re not alone.

Just like you, I was a successful career woman making an incredibly high income…but lacked the knowledge, tools, and skills to successfully manage and save my money.

Having to say NO to plans with family and friends because I didn’t have the money and couldn’t afford to take on more debt…

Looking for solutions on the internet, but everything either felt restrictive or too overwhelming to execute… 

I felt shame, embarrassment, and frustration.

But…enough is enough!

After struggling for a long time and having more than $169,000 in debt, I finally learned how to save money!

And I saved that money while still traveling, having fun, and saying YES to plans with family and friends.

Sis, I want to share the same tactics with you.

Over the next 21 days, I’ll drop savvy money-saving nuggets to your inbox that you can take action on THAT DAY!

...and watch your bank account grow effortlessly this month.

Meet Shaquana Watson-Harkness, The Mastermind Behind The Challenge

Shaquana Watson-Harkness is a Financial and Wealth Literacy expert who's worked with businesses of all sizes and individuals throughout her 15-year career. She's been able to help 100 women save over $100,000 in 21 days in her savings challenge.

In her free time, Shaquana enjoys traveling to new destinations, dining out with family & friends and relaxing at home.
What is the Stack That Rack Challenge?
Stack That Rack is a 21-day focused experience that will provide you with one actionable tip daily that I’ve personally used to save more than $1K…

Tips you can successfully implement to bless your bank account!

By the end of this challenge, you’ll have $1,000 saved if you do the work.

Let me say it again for the people in the back and give you some stats:

1) In the United States, total consumer debt, including credit card debt, student loans, auto loans, and personal loans, has been steadily increasing over the years. 

According to the Federal Reserve, as of the second quarter of 2021, total household debt reached a record high of over $14.96 trillion.

2) Credit card debt is a significant contributor to consumer debt. In 2021, the average credit card debt per U.S. household was around $5,315.

3) Despite the higher personal savings rate during the pandemic, surveys have shown that a significant portion of Americans still struggle to build emergency savings. 

Many households lack enough savings to cover unexpected expenses, such as medical emergencies or car repairs.

The Stack That Rack Challenge shows you the EXACT system that’s empowered 100+ women to save more than $1,000 in only 21 days.

Listen, if you’re ready to finally pay down debt, create an emergency fund and implement a successful savings plan, don’t miss this opportunity! 

This program gives you the strategies and support you need to make it happen.

With so much uncertainty with the economy, now is the best time to leverage these tactics to practice smart saving strategies that builds your emergency fund and gets you out of debt…

What You’ll Get In The Stack That Rack Challenge


Daily Saving Actions

Every day you will receive a new action you will have to implement each day to get IMMEDIATE results and never feel anxious again when an unexpected bill comes because you’ll finally have your savings!


Savings Workbook

ESSENTIAL for you to hit your goal! You can track exactly how much you are saving and never feel confused about knowing what is working and what isn’t.


Access To Our Private Facebook Community

Where you will have full support from Shaquana to ask her all your questions. No more feeling lonely… It’s time to feel part of a community that knows exactly what your going through 
Here’s what others had to say about the 
Stack That Rack Challenge

Dominique (Philadelphia, PA)

"I was able to save over $1,000 in 21 days and work on my budget. Also, my money mindset was shifted as I realized that I was worthy to build wealth regardless of my current income."

Are you ready to fund your emergency account, pay off debt, and enjoy the luxury lifestyle of being a high-income career woman?

Then, join the Stack That Rack Challenge…and make the decision today that will make your bank account happy tomorrow.

So many women like you are already doing it…now it’s your turn!

You got this!

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How Shaquana Vaporized Her $169,000 debt within 20 months (And How You Can Too)

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Get invaluable information on how Shquana was able to pay off all her debt, increase her savings and build a six-figure investment portfolio.


When does the challenge start?
The savings challenge begins when you enroll. Once enrolled, you will receive your confirmation email along with the free savings workbook. After you receive the confirmation email, you will start to receive the savings challenge emails for the next 21 days.
What is the time commitment during the challenge?
The time commitment will vary based on the intended results you are seeking upon completion of the savings challenge. The more time you dedicate to doing the work, the better results you will receive as you progress through the savings challenge.
Do I get support, community, or 1:1 access to you​?
Yes, you will receive access to my private Private Facebook community where you can post questions and gain support from other members going through the accelerator with you.
What is the refund policy?
Due to the nature of the delivery of the savings challenge, there are no refunds.

Ready for the 
Stack That Rack Challenge???

Price: $99

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